We're organic farmers in Kelowna, BC, growing a large variety of veggies & herbs for local restaurants and for our weekly online 'farmers market' for residents of Kelowna, Westbank, and Peachland.


Hi Roger, Adam, etc.,

I thought the form below might be handier for you, but you can shoot an email to me at any time as well. One reason I'm trying this out is that you all tend to get orders to me faster than I can get a fresh sheet to you. 

Salad Greens $12/lb
Microgreens, cut $22/lb
Hakurei Turnips
golfball sized to a bit bigger
Arugula A $9/lb
Arugula B $5/lb
Swiss Chard $5/lb
Use the box below to ask for pots of green basil, purple basil, cilantro, and shiso. Thanks.

We have a pretty fun Instagram account...