We're certified organic farmers in Kelowna, BC, growing a large variety of veggies & herbs for local restaurants and for our weekly online 'farmers market' for residents of between Kelowna & Penticton

Waterfront Wines/cafe ORDER FORM

Hi Chefs,

Please use the form below to place an order for your restaurant. For now deliveries will take place Wednesday afternoons; by mid-June I'll be delivering twice weekly.


Salad Greens $12/lb
Radishes, Mixed colour, tops off, $5/lb
Frisee Endive $10/lb
Arugula $9/lb
Pea Shoots, Field-Cut, $14/lb
Gem Lettuces $1.25 each
A mixture of red and green butter lettuces
Spinach $8/lb
Medium to large sized leaves
Dill $12/lb

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