We're organic farmers in Kelowna, BC, growing a large variety of veggies & herbs for local restaurants and for our weekly online 'farmers market' for residents of Kelowna, Westbank, and Peachland.

Waterfront ORDER FORM

Hi Mark and Nelson,


Pepperoncini Peppers $6/lb
COLOUR is happening. I can send around 1-2 lb
"Espellette" Peppers $6/lb
You know, because I don't grow them in Spain.
Cayenne Peppers $6/lb
Salad Greens $12/lb
Use text box to order. Right now: Minutina will return Purslane will return Purple Tatsoi Green Tatsoi Frisee Endive, cut (not heads)
Arugula $9/lb
Baby Beets $4/lb
Baby Carrots, tops off, $5/lb

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